Wild Card Friday, September 30, 2011: Army Aviation Simulator

Senior Curt Everson talks with Army Sgt. Constant about the possibilities of joining the armed forces after high school. (Photo: Eno)


Recruiters from the U.S. Army traveled to Lecanto High School September 23, 2011 bearing a high-tech piece of equipment called the Army Aviation Simulator to give students some ideas for career opportunities and a view of what an aviator for the Army does. 

The simulator provides many features like an AH-64 Apache helicopter simulator, OH-58 Kiowa Warrior simulator, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulator and an air warrior uniform and ammunition display.

“It basically provides a brief snapshot of what it’s like to be an aviator,” Sergeant Larossa said. “You get to do a virtual tour to see what it’s like to fly and [it] shows you some of the equipment.”

Although many would like to think so, high school does not last forever, and that is why recruiters bring the simulator to Lecanto every year to get students involved in possibly choosing a career path in the Army.

Junior Katelyn Hatcher takes a ride in the Army flight simulator. (Photo: Eno)

The U.S. Army usually recruits about 15 students from Lecanto each year. Recruiters like Larossa work with the students by providing information on all the benefits and opportunities like education and training involved with joining the Army.

“You are getting to work with the nation’s youth. It’s a really rewarding experience to give them an opportunity they may not have had,” Larossa said.