Tyler’s Tie Tells All: September 26, 2011


Today, Principal Kelly Tyler's tie features the Florida Gator emblem. (Photo: Eno)

Principal Kelly Tyler’s tie possesses mystical powers that predict the coming week of school activity. Expert tie interpreters from Newspaper teacher Jennifer Poyner’s journalism class have deciphered the messages that Tyler’s tie is sending our way.

Tyler wore his University of Florida “Gators” tie after their victory against the University of Kentucky this weekend. This choice brings consequences both positive and negative for Panthers this week.

Its calm, yellow shade represents peace. Homework will be minimal in either amount or difficulty. Unruly students will be less likely to drive their teachers completely mad; likewise, teachers will seem more relaxed. Remember, however, that teachers are still teachers, and they will not accept bribes in exchange for homework no matter how relaxed they may be.

The green palm-tree decorations indicate good monetary fortune. Students may find lost money in the hallways. Karma shall be rewarded to those who turn in large sums of lost money to the front office. Additionally, students taking a financial class may have better chances at earning A’s on assignments.

As September ends, Tyler’s tie advises students to make a fresh start with the new month. Create a schedule to organize everything from library book due dates to coordinating ties with outfits.

Tyler’s Tie and the Lecanto High School Panther Prowl are not real psychics; we just play them on our news website. Remember, make it a great week or not Panthers, the choice is yours!