Students snorkel in the name of science

Science teacher Lisa Merritt took her Marine Science classes to the Marine Science Station (MSS)  Sept. 16 and 19 to give them a visual representation of material that had been covered in class.

A total of 38 students went on the field trip, where they learned the importance of marine life to Florida. The MSS staff took the students into the gulf so they could snorkel and interact with the plants and animals.

Junior Chris Davis compares the algae in the tank to that found in the Gulf waters. (Photo: Bush)

“We went out on the boat and went snorkeling to see the seagrass,” said junior Chris Davis. “We also got to see the mangroves on the islands.”

The students participated in hands-on learning activities, while a member of the staff gave a lecture about the different types of vegetation.

“We learned what kind of grass there is and the kinds of trees,” explained Davis.

The students were shown how improper disposal of waste can negatively impact the fragile ecosystem and how people can benefit from treating the environment properly.

“They taught us to respect the environment and wildlife,” said junior Aaron Henderson.

The trip was an enjoyable learning experience for the students.

“I like to be on the boat and go snorkeling in the river,” said Davis.