Question of the Week: September 29, 2011

What is one piece of technology you can not live without?

Technology is everywhere, whether it is the cell phone in your pocket, the computer you use to e-mail all your friends or even the calculator helping you with your homework. Technology was created to make life more simple, and for many people, these things have become a major part of their everyday lives. For some, they are things they can not live without.

Junior Miranda Barber cannot live without her cell phone. (Photo: Eno)

“My phone is one piece of technology I can not live without. I have to stay in touch with my friends and family all the time. With all the sports and activities I do, my plans constantly change. It can get crazy [at times] and would be even worse if I didn’t have my phone to contact the people involved. Communication is a beautiful thing, and having a phone just helps me express that,” junior Miranda Barber said.





Culinary teacher Michelle Fretz carries her digital camera so that she has photo memories for the future. (Photo: Eno)

“I can’t live without my digital camera, because I take it with me wherever I go. It’s like a chronicle of my life,” culinary teacher Michelle Fretz said.









Junior Alex Griffin has to have his cell phone to stay in touch with friends and family. (Photo: Eno)

“I couldn’t live without my phone. It’s how I contact all my friends and family, [and] my life is organized by it,” junior Alex Griffin said.








Sophomore Alivia Heisler always carries her iPod for some entertainment. (Photo: Eno)

“I don’t think I could live without my iPod, because I use it all the time to listen to my country music,” sophomore Alivia Heisler said.