Panthers’ JV Volleyball serves up a win over Citrus


Katelyn Schulze jumps for a spike for the Lady Panthers. (Photo: Hernandez)

The Lecanto Panthers and the Citrus Hurricanes have been rivals in all sports for ages. Tuesday, September 20, the Lady Panthers battled the ‘Canes to end up victorious.

The constant volleying back and forth was a tough time for both teams during the first game.

“When we first started losing, I did not think we would come back,” freshman Shannon Fernandez said. “But we stayed focused, kept a smile on our faces and just kept on fighting hard enough to win.”

Lecanto had their ups and downs but had to struggle to get the ball up and over the net, only to score another point. Striving to win the second game, cautious with every hit, the Lady Panthers showed Citrus up.

Ace after Ace, Fernandez kept her head in the game and kept her teammates focused.

“[After an ace] I feel proud of myself, and [I feel] accomplished that I got this far,” Fernandez said.

Sidney Holstein goes for the serve over the net to the Hurricanes. (Photo: Hernandez )

 While the crowd of parents and friends were on their feet going wild and supporting the team, so were their teammates on the bench. First year coach for the JV Panthers, Alice Christian, was also screaming for the win.

“I feel like I am close with my team. They are my girls,” Christian said. “I am confident in what they do.”

The ‘Canes were struggling for the last few points, which led the Panthers to a successful win.