New Quill and Scroll officers join the ranks


The members of Quill and Scroll discuss their new officer choices. (Photo: Poyner)

Congratulations to the new officers of Lecanto High School’s Quill and Scroll International Honor Society for gifted writers. The elections for new officers took place  Tuesday, September 20. The new officers are as follows:

  • President – senior Taylor Keeran
  • Vice President – junior Duncan Hart
  • Treasurer – junior Kristen Buck
  • Secretary – junior Mary Amstead

The newly elected officers anticipate a successful year in Quill and Scroll. They only have positive things to say regarding the honorary organization.

Amstead described Quill and Scroll as giving its participants “an accomplished feeling. It also looks great on college applications.”

In order to be considered to join this organization, you must have participated in at least two semesters in either newspaper, yearbook, or T.V. Production and contact the respective teachers:  Jennifer Poyner, Beverly Sylvester, or Amanda Mathieu. You must also be in your junior year of high school by the time you are an official member.

Members can become eligible for scholarships sponsored by the parent organization. Membership requires teacher recommendation, fulfillment of the GPA requirement and approval by the society. 

An induction ceremony was held for the new members in May of the 2010 – 11 school year.

In the coming year, the organization plans to participate in a number of activities to promote the study of and participation in high school journalism at Lecanto as well as in the community. They also plan to hold regular meetings, induct more new members, and host fundraisers.

Hart strives to major in journalism and sees the organization as a boost to help him achieve his goal. He also appreciates the positive social factors that come with the meetings.

“I really enjoy Quill and Scroll, as it gets everybody talking to each other. It breaks down the awkward barriers between journalism, yearbook, and T.V. production,” Hart said.

Quill and Scroll is a unique organization that allows members to display their accomplishments during graduation.

“This is only one of three organizations where seniors can wear honor cords during graduation,” Sylvester said.

Lecanto High School received its charter from the honorary society  Sept. 3, 1996. It was deemed inactive for a decade, but it was revived through the new members.

The meetings are usually held in Room 244 at 7:30 a.m.,  every other Wednesday. The next meeting will be October 5.