Girls’ golf team is off to a great start


Sophomore Chynna Liu takes a calculated swing to reach the green. (Photo: Warren)

The Lecanto High School girls’ golf team, led by coach Doug Warren, is having an excellent season to start off the 2011- 12 school year.

The girls’ golf team has had five rainouts this year, but has still managed to hold a record of 4 wins and 1 loss. They have completed in one 18-hole tournament and placed second. The team is hopeful about their future scores.

“We are improving every match, which is the goal of every team,”  Warren said.

Warren is very pleased with the outcome of the season so far, and his ethics as a coach may prove to be a major asset to the team’s performance and why they are so dedicated.

“Being a coach allows you to see the students in a different way. We get to see how they handle themselves as teammates and individual leaders and how they handle winning and losing. The best thing about being a coach is seeing these student athletes develop as a person, as well as an athlete,” Warren said.

Sophomore Jessica Fee follows through with her swing as she watches to see if she's come close to the green. (Photo: Warren)

The team also has a new addition this year, junior Theresa Holst, a foreign exchange student from a small town in Germany. She has not been approved to play in games yet, but still attends practice to improve her game.

“It drives me a little bit crazy!” Holst said.

She is just itching to participate in the tournaments. 

The other players,  freshman Kierah Tettenburn, sophomores Jessica Fee and Chynna Liu, junior Jennifer Hafner, and senior Kimberly Hafner are all just as important to making the team whole. They are very hopeful that they will continue to have a successful season.