FBA builds up money for gazebo

Senior Ryan Anderson, FBA secretary, helps freshman Kieran Tettenburn fill out the form to order chocolate bars. (Photo: Poyner)

Future Builders of America (FBA) is selling “the world’s finest” candy bars as a fundraiser. They need to raise money to purchase supplies for the new school gazebo that they would like to build.

The FBA club helps students prepare themselves for the future jobs in construction.

 Being that this is the first year they have ever sold chocolate, engineering teacher Richard Gregg is very enthusiastic about the outcome.

“This is the first year we have sold candy bars for this club and I feel confident about our sales,”said Gregg.

The students would like to expand on their skills and need money in order to do so.

“The FBA is selling candy bars to raise money for supplies, because the students would like to build a new gazebo,” Gregg explained.

The gazebo will be located on the back corner of the school near the gym and be accessible to anyone. They hope to start building it soon.

The candy bars come in many varieties, such as almond and milk chocolate, among others.

“The candy bars are extremely good; there are four to five different flavors,” Gregg said.

To purchase a candy bar, students can see senior Alyssa Arena or any other member of FBA.

Aside from selling chocolates, the FBA will have a car wash Friday, September 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Wendy’s in Crystal River.